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16 Juli 2024 This Girl Loves LECO and Separation Science—Here’s Why

In 2021, LECO announced the exciting news they were in search of a collaborator to elevate or expand upon the GC-MS analytical technique with our advanced tools. The next year, it was announced that Dr. Petr Vozka of Cal State University, LA would be the collaborator and recipient of a Pegasus® BT GC-MS system. Since […]

12 Juni 2024 Metabolomics Society Celebrates 20 Years

This year marks the 20th annual conference of the Metabolomics Society! LECO is excited to be a sponsor for Metabolomics 2024, starting on 16 June and ending 20 June, and we’re counting down the minutes until the conference begins. Held in the buzzing metropolis of Osaka, Japan, this event is the largest metabolomics meeting worldwide. […]

5 Juni 2024 Non-Targeted Screening with TOFMS: A Monthly Webinar Series

In an era marked by intricate chemical compositions and emerging contaminants, conventional targeted analysis methods often prove inadequate for gaining a comprehensive understanding of environmental and biological matrices. Enter non-targeted screening – an innovative approach enabling the simultaneous detection and identification of thousands of compounds, regardless of prior knowledge of their presence. Positioned at the […]

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