Christmas Coal and Quality Determination with the TGA801

There is coal and then there is coal, and Santa Claus knows the difference. When preparing coal for the stockings of naughty boys and girls on Christmas Eve, Santa is not about to waste high quality, high-carbon material on children who have been bad. But while Santa is magic and can tell in an instant which coal is appropriate, how can those of us not lucky enough to work out of the North Pole determine our coal quality?

LECO’s TGA801 is designed for thermal gravimetric analysis such as solid fuel characterization measurements for coal. The results for moisture, volatile matter, and ash are the primary measures for the quality of a solid fuel material, which is important for pricing and selling the material. The output from the TGA801 provides simultaneous analysis of all three of those characteristics plus the fixed carbon value for up to 19 samples at a time.

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