Analysis of Liquid samples for Protein with LECO

Analysis of Liquid samples for Protein with LECO

Protein determination in liquid samples with LECO after the principle of Dumas can be very easy and convenient. LECO has the perfect solution with the 828 and the 928 product line.

Which option ever you choose, sample introduction is always the same as with your solid samples. Just drop them into your combustion boat (928) or your tin capsule (828). No need to seal anything or use special agents or drying chemicals.

LECO Sample Container Boats | Nickel Combustion | Ceramic Combustion Boat with Nickel Boat Liner | Ceramic Combustion

Learn more about our solutions for analysis of liquid samples and read our Application Notes:

FP928 | Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Juices
FP828 | Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Beer
FP928 | Bestimmung von Stickstoff/Protein in Bier
FP828 | Bestimmung von Stickstoff/Protein in Milch und Milchprodukten
FP628 | Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Whey Products

Check out our product portfolio for analysis of liquid samples:

928-Serie Makroanalysator
Kohlenstoff-/Stickstoff-/Schwefel- und Stickstoff-/Proteinbestimmung durch Verbrennung


828-Serie | 928 Serie

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