Sync into your Chardonnay with the Pegasus BT

Bottle of ChardonnayWhen it comes to comparing sets of sample data, being able to synchronize your results can help you get a broad overview at a glance. A visual comparison of your chromatograms may not be enough, especially not when your analytes are coeluting. ChromaTOF® Sync is a powerful new data processing tool that will gather all of your data into one place, making it easy to highlight trends and spot significant and subtle differences between your samples.

Take Chardonnay, for example. This wine can have a variety of flavor profiles. What, exactly, is the difference between a traditional Chardonnay and a buttery one? Three replicates for each type of wine were analyzed on a Pegasus® BT GC-TOFMS. ChromaTOF Sync then took the data produced and overlaid the chromatograms for an initial visual review.

Chardonnay Chromatogram and PCA chart
Chardonnay samples comparison

At first glance, the two wines look very similar, but the PCA scores show a distinct difference between the two sets of data. ChromaTOF Sync can take a deep dive into individual features and analytes to thoroughly characterize these two wines and determine the similarities and differences. For example, around tR=507, there’s a peak that elutes with similar intensities in both the traditional and buttery Chardonnays.

Comparing 3-methyl-1-pentanol in Chardonnay Samples
Chardonnay samples comparison – 3-methyl-1-pentanol

Sure enough, when examined with ChromaTOF Sync, this analyte is identified as 3-methyl-1-pentanol, with aroma notes of cognac, wine, green, and fruity. Both traditional and buttery Chardonnays have wine and fruity descriptors, so it makes sense that this analyte is high in both samples. However, an analyte like furfural, which elutes at tR=624, has „bready“ aroma notes, with descriptors like sweet, woody, almond, and fragrant baked bread.

Comparing furfural in Chardonnay Samples
Chardonnay samples comparison – furfural

As shown, this analyte is strong in the buttery Chardonnay and minimal in the traditional Chardonnay, which again, makes sense with the flavor descriptors of the two wine variants. Buttery Chardonnays are described as more buttery, caramelly, and rich. The presence of furfural may be a contributing factor to this flavor difference.

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