Grinding: Polishing and Sanding Instruments for Metallographic Sample Preparation

After a metallographic sample has been mounted, grinding and polishing creates a flat and even surface. Any potential residue from the mounting process or damage from the sectioning process are ground off to expose the actual microstructure of the sample. Polishing removes abrasions from the previous steps to provide a smooth surface. LECO grinding and polishing instruments ensure that metallographic instruments provide a reliably clean sample that will be ready for further analysis.

DS20 Handschleifer

Handschleifer für das metallografische Polieren


Bandschleifmaschine zum Polieren von metallografischen Proben


Manueller Schleif- und Polierautomat für Metallografieproben


Fortschrittlicher automatisierter Metallographie-Schleif- und Polierautomat