Automated Thermogravimetric Determination of Moisture and Ash in Flour

The AOAC Official Method (925.10) Solids (Total) and Moisture in Flour utilizes a manual, air oven, loss-on-drying technique that is widely used in the food industry. AOAC Official Method (923.03) Ash in Flour also utilizes a manual, air oven, loss-on-drying technique. Learn from Jeffery Gast how an automated thermogravimetric moisture determination instrument like the TGA801 can follow both of the AOAC Official Methods' requirements for oven temperature and airflow while also reducing operator and analysis times, improving workflow efficiency. Auf diese Ressource zugreifen
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Thermogravimetrische Analyse von Feuchtigkeit, Aschegehalt, flüchtigen Anteilen und Glühverlust (LOI)