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Determination of Ash in Polystyrene

Determination of Ash in Polystyrene

Determination of Ash in Polyethylene

Determination of Ash in Polypropylene

Determination of Carbon and Sulfur in Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Materials

Analysis of Phytosanitary Products in Surface Water and Groundwater Using GCxGC-TOFMS

Compositional Depth Profile Analysis of Galvanized Steel

Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Whey and Powdered Dairy Products

Enhanced Characterization and Comparison of Thyme Varieties from Different Geographical Origins`

Pegasus BTX and ChromaTOF Sync Application Note - Thyme Varieties

Characterization of Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene and Traditional Aviation Turbine Fuel

Pegasus BTX 4D Application Note - Synthetic Aviation Fuels

Expand Your PFAS Analysis – Screen for Targets and Identify Unknowns Simultaneously

Pegasus BTX Application Note - PFAS

Non-Target Characterization of Molasses with GC-TOFMS and Deconvolution

Pegasus BTX Application Snapshot - Molassess

Identifying Heteroatomic Species in HTL Pyrolysis Gasoline by GCxGC-TOFMS

Pegasus BTX 4D Application Snapshot - HTL Pyrolysis Gasoline

Identifying a Targeted Disinfection Byproduct in Wildfire Ash Water Extract by GC-TOFMS

Wildfires increase the risk of negative chemical reactions with municipal water treatment processes.

Detecting Low-Level Features and Separating Coelutions with GCxGC to Reveal More in Basil

Pegasus BTX 4D Application Snapshot - Basil

Bulk Analysis of Cast Iron

Atomic Emission Spectroscopy can determine elemental content of solid conductive materials. The GDS900 is designed to analyze ferrous and nonferrous metals, including cast iron.

Determination of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen in Flour and Plant Tissue

Determination of Total Organic Carbon in Soil, Rock, and Shale by Acid Digestion and Combustion

Differentiating Original-Brand and Imitation Perfumes with GCxGC-TOFMS and ChromaTOF Tile

In this Application Note, we use comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with time-of-flight mass spectrometry (GCxGC-TOFMS) and ChromaTOF Tile, a statistical analysis software for GCxGC data, to differentiate perfume samples.

Monitoring of Furan Derivates and Key Aroma Species Simultaneously in Coffee and Coffee Substitutes

The production of coffee and process development of new coffee variants and substitutes (caffeine free, alternative taste, and aroma profiles, etc.), is a huge industry globally. The ability to guarantee the safety of these products while also monitoring the flavour and aroma qualities of products to meet consumer expectations and preferences is vital. Here, a method for simultaneous analysis of Furans and Non-Target Screening (NTS) of other key compounds, such as aroma-active species, is demonstrated.

Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Meat and Plant-Based Meat Alternatives